Happiness is: wacky pants

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Hello most random blog post I’ve ever written. This might seem like space-filler (I’m talking to you NaBloPoMo), but I promise it’s not.

Last year at this time, I alternated between three wardrobe choices for work: black pants, khaki pants and mom jeans. Lather, rinse and repeat.

Today I’m wearing bright orange skinny cords (although the photo above is an oldie). Last week I wore black dot pants.

And as I walked to lunch today, I looked down at my legs and realized that I’ve changed A LOT in the past year. Sure, I shed 40 pounds, but I’ve also gotten braver in my fashion choices. Which I think is the result of more confidence and a better sense of who I truly am. I definitely haven’t figured myself out (who has?), but I’m getting there.

So now instead of being a total weirdo who hoards pretty things but never wears them, I’m actually wearing them.

Yay progress!

Happiness is: patient Bella

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When you can’t keep your head up another second longer,
a sweet dog comes along and just stands still.
Love that old girl (and the little one, too).

Happiness is: Sophie's hydrangea

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When Sophie was a few days old, one of our neighbors brought over the sweetest little pink hydrangea. A single cluster of teeny blooms standing a few inches tall. Marc planted it in a shady bed in our front yard. It’s sort of tucked out of the way, and I forget to peek over there.

So it was such a lovely surprise to discover yesterday while Lily and I were playing in the leaves that Sophie’s hydrangea is now a couple of feet tall, with three purply-blue clusters. And the one at the very top is still going strong, even this late in the season.

If we ever move, I’m totally digging it up and taking it with us.

Happiness is: Lily's latest self-portrait

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Lily comes home from school with artwork every day. They do all sorts of interesting things, like painting with their elbows. But my favorites are usually the ones that aren’t assignments. The stuff she doodles on her own.

She’s into drawing hair on her stick figures now. And coloring eyes.

And apparently, chops and a beard?

I just love this.

Happiness is: the Anthropologie birthday discount

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Look what arrived!!!

One of my favorite little pieces of mail every year.

And I actually spent it on time! On this:

What do you think?

I love it and have already worn it twice in one week. Sophie also wanted me to tell you it tastes yummy.

(These birthday cards get more and more clever each year … here are 2011, 2010 and 2009).

Happiness is: my momma necklace

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It’s finally complete!

Laura gave me this necklace just after Lily was born. I love it … the little bird, the purple pendant and especially the “l” charm. After Sophie arrived, I kept meaning to add her initial. Of course that little task took more than a year.

But finally. Here it is.


Happiness is: Sophie's first pair of shoes

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She’s already managed to pull off some of the flower petals on the right shoe. Lesson learned: don’t put them on her feet until after we get where we’re going. Baby hates being in the car seat, and apparently yanking on her brand-new shoes provided quite the stress relief.

Strapping these on Sophie’s feet for the first time was bittersweet. Still a baby, but taking off. Spreading her little wings. Working those thigh rolls.

It’s funny how “baby steps” seem more like giant leaps.

But she always staggers back over to me, grinning and waving her arms above her head.

For now.

(hold me)

p.s. The shoes? They’re Livie and Luca.

Happiness is: peaches in the summertime

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Aren’t these so pretty?

The girls and I picked them out yesterday at the farmers market. It’s one of our favorite things to do. They love all the samples. And the cookie lady. I love supporting local farmers (and the prices, of course).

Lily “skips” (on one leg … it’s pretty awesome) down the aisles, pointing out each type of fruit and vegetable she knows. I always get her help picking out what we need, in hopes it’ll make a difference when she encounters the veggies on her plate that week at dinner. It seemed to work with green beans last night. Not holding my breath on the funky squash for tonight, though.

Peaches, to me, are the ultimate harbinger of summer. More so than watermelon or corn on the cob. Maybe it’s because they really don’t taste good any other time of the year, or because of the way the juice runs down your chin no matter how carefully you try to eat it. I don’t know. I just can’t get enough of them from June to August.

My new favorite breakfast is vanilla greek yogurt with peaches and a smattering of honey nut cheerios. I’m thinking of attempting a peach pie this summer, too. Emphasis on the word “attempt.”

What is your all-time favorite summer food? Any good peach recipes to share? I’m all ears.

p.s. Check out Sophie’s first impression of watermelon. Priceless.

Happiness is: tomatoes and basil

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tomatoes and basil

Can you just smell this picture?

Oh basil. You are the essence of summer. Along with sunscreen, burning charcoal and salt air.

We’re growing our own little basil plant from seed, so while we wait patiently for our own harvest, I’m buying it from the market. I tossed the batch above with some chopped cherry tomato, balsamic viniagrette and cooked whole-wheat pasta. It made the perfect little salad. I also love to make insalate caprese, bruschetta and pesto. Yum, yum and yum.

How do you like to cook with basil? Any recipes to share? (pretty please)

Happiness is: live lip-dub proposal

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This totally knocked my socks off.
Like, tears and goosebumps and laughing out loud.
Hope you love it too.

(Thanks, Melissa, for sharing!)

UPDATE: Here is a lovely interview with the couple on The Today Show.


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