A new gig! Exclamation point!

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I’m so excited to be a guest contributer to one of my favorite blogs, indieNC. They’re dedicated to promoting North Carolina artists, featuring everything from music (a big interest of mine) to food (an even bigger interest, as you well know from my dip in the State Fair deep fryer last fall).

I’ll be posting all week about stuff that inspires me, starting with a great new exhibit at The Morning Times in downtown Raleigh.

Stop on by!

Daily Handmade

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Check these out! I read an article yesterday on New Raleigh about Peculiar Pets and their creator Michelle Lyon. Each doll is different, made from repurposed vintage fabrics. The article said she’s closing her shop in City Market and moving over to Glenwood South. I hope that means another store. These are just too cute!

Here are a few of my favorites:

Ugly, but good

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Daily Handmade

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By Pony & Poppy (from right here in Raleigh!)

In the raw

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Snapped this at the farmer’s market just before Christmas. The vendor was making the most beautiful wreaths out of cotton on the stalk, magnolia leaves and fresh holly. Photos of our holiday coming soon!


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Rock and shop

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It’s snowing! Well, actually it’s more like sleet right now, but just a few minutes ago the flakes were huge! Snow is a big deal here in Raleigh, especially in December. Hope we get enough for Small Fry to build her first snowman.

Since our trip to the mountains this weekend is postponed (they’re expecting 10-12 inches!) I’m hoping to get downtown tomorrow afternoon for the Rock and Shop Market.

Local goods + local bands = FUN.

Stop on by if you can!

The dove

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Laura and I saw these bags in the window at Holly Aiken’s downtown shop. LOVE!

The Dove by Holly Aiken


More local love

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The more I blog about local goods, the more I discover just how much is out there. What have I been doing all this time?  

Raising a baby. Oh, yeah.  

Well, thanks to a tip from my sister, I’ve fallen in love with yet another source for beautiful handmade local products. My new crush?  indieNC, an organization dedicated to supporting North Carolina artists. The online boutique is packed with gorgeous stuff, like this:  

Filigree flower bracelet by SSD Jewelry

Founded by graphic artist Michelle Smith (check out her beautiful shop and blog), indieNC also offers workshops taught by local artists and information on trunk shows and other events.   


Handmade heaven

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Laura and I went yesterday to the Handmade Market in Raleigh, and it was AMAZING. Like Etsy in 3-D.

Seriously, we walked in and I almost hyperventilated. Beautiful stuff everywhere! Textiles, jewelry, letterpress cards, felt stuffed toys (you know I have a thing for felt), pottery, funky silk-screened t-shirts. And to top it off, homemade cupcakes.

Too much.

Speaking of too much, that best describes my purchases. I can’t show them here because I don’t want to reveal Christmas gifts for certain readers of this site. It was impossible not to want to buy something at every single booth.

The artists didn’t make it any easier. They all were so friendly and helpful.

I made a lap around the room. Then my heart rate slowed back to normal. Before I reached for my wallet, I joined Laura and baby O for a stroll outside. Our little shopping companion was a trooper. She only fussed once, and a quick walk in the fresh air put her right to sleep.

That fresh air also helped clear my head. Laura and I talked strategy: go back to your favorite booths with the person in mind you want to shop for. Mission accomplished. I knocked out a number of Christmas gifts. Bought a few things for Small Fry. And a pair of earrings for myself. That’s it. Oh, and a cupcake. But that doesn’t count, right?

Here are some of my favorites (photos link to shops):

With the pouches sewn onto their backs, these little guys can help deliver a love note or keep safe a treasure for the tooth fairy. Adorable! Messenger owls by Silver Lining.

Earrings (made of paper!) by zass design.

These letters are printed on old book pages. So clever. By Heirloom Journals by Kacie.

Loved this scooter bag. Lots of others in funky fabrics with interesting embellishments. By Nicole Lee Designs.

Oh, letterpress. Why must you be so lovely? Hand-bound books by Davis Street Bindery and letterpress cards by pell mell press (one artist + two shops = awesome).

Small Fry is going to rock her guitar tee. Each onesie or toddler tee is hand screen-printed. By nice shirt, kid.

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