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We needed this weekend more than you can imagine.

Time away from the kids.

The chance to hang out with other grown-ups and be silly and sleep late and carry on real conversations without a little person hollering excuuuuse meeeee every five seconds.

And laugh til it hurt.

And enjoy each other. A lot.

Just perfect.

Wherein Flickr likes me again and I can share ridiculous amounts of beach photos! You're welcome.

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I cracked the code! Otherwise known as my impossibly brilliant ridiculous Flickr password!


So, finally, beach photos for you to enjoy. Including a couple of spectacular failed attempts at a family photo (see: Lily’s best grimace ever).

If you’d like to see full-screen images (hi Aunt Mary Lou!), just click on that little arrow thingy in the bottom right corner after you hit “play” …

[ichc-flickr-slide width=”400″ height=”300″ username=”prettyswell” set_id=”72157631197196168″ player_r=”109615″]

Two of the 673 pictures I took at the beach

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Here’s what we know to be true:

Suzanne + camera + cute kids + baby thighs + beach = photo overload.

Which is why last week’s vacation put a hurting on my Canon. I took almost 700 pictures, you guys. I seriously have a problem. But when I get back home and I’m sitting in front of my computer staring expectantly at the download churning away, I’m always rewarded with a shot like this:

Or this:

So I guess last week is no surprise. Especially when you consider that my camera is therapy. And I really needed it. And camera therapy trumps Zoloft any day.

I wish I had a slideshow ready to share, but I seem to have forgotten my Flickr login information and I’ve tried to get into the account so many times that I’ve been blocked and now I have to wait 12 hours to try again. Because obviously my brain is still on vacation.

I’ll be back soon with photos! Consider yourselves warned.


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I always have the hardest time describing beach vacations without rambling.

Each little memory seems precious, from Sophie’s sandy bottom to Lily’s shriek when she discovered a hermit crab scuttling along in the shallow water. Not to mention outdoor showers, boat rides, a sleeping baby in my lap, sunset walks, ice cream on the pier, sun in my face, floating in the ocean, fried shrimp and sweet tea, a late-night walk with Marc and Bella, reading a whole book e-cover to e-cover, coming in from the heat, afternoon naps with my babies, fresh fish just off the boat, Lily’s seashell collection, the smell of sunscreen on sweet baby skin, my mother-in-law’s homemade pimento cheese. And on and on.

Every single minute was wonderful, even the mundane. But is there really such a thing as mundane at the beach?

So on the eve of my return to work, to the chaos of our weekday routine, I’m sad that vacation is over. But so happy (and so much richer) for the memories.

To keep this from being the longest photo post ever, I dumped my favorites into a slideshow. If you’d like to enlarge it, just click on the little arrow thingy in the bottom right corner (after you click play).

[ichc-flickr-slide width=”400″ height=”300″ username=”prettyswell” set_id=”72157630291114166″ player_r=”109615″]

Home again home again jiggity jig

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My camera tells me that I took 262 pictures at the beach last week.

I’m too tired to even begin to try to narrow them down for a blog post. I just want to curl up on the couch with Marc and watch TV.

But I missed you guys! And I promise photos are coming soon, along with plenty of details about our vacation. Which included a huge milestone for Miss Sophie (hint: her new mode of transport involves jazz hands and lots of falling down).

Until then, I’ll leave you with a shot of Sophie’s other new trick:

Where the rest of the world's like a little bitty spot

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Every year for the past I don’t know how many, Marc and I have made a fall trip to his alma mater for a football game.

He love his team. I love the mountains, the grilled hot dogs and the candy barrels at Mast General Store. Boone is gorgeous this time of year. Crisp air, vibrant leaves, and if we get lucky, a flurry of snowflakes. Even when it pours rain, we have a ball. (In one such year, I hid out at a coffee shop on King Street while the boys warmed their feet under our little hibachi grill. Good times.)

We weren’t quite sure we’d get to make the trip this year, with two kids now. But thanks to Nonna, Papa and Aunt Amy, our girls were well cared for while mommy and daddy snuck up to the mountains for a night.

And in the middle of all the action, this arrived on my phone and stopped me in my tracks. Oh hello, adorable smiling baby.

Of course I couldn’t resist one of these …

The Deputy and I both married mountain men (who went to college together and have many a story to tell). How lucky I am to have a partner in crime on these trips! She always keeps me laughing.

Approving of Marc’s genius flannel-shirt-scarf:

Storming the field after a big win (Oh yeah. There was a game, right?):

For a peek at our other Boone weekends, click here (pregnant, 2010) and here (not pregnant, 2009).

Hope your weekend was fun! I can hardly wait for Halloween tomorrow!!

P.S. I got a secret thrill seeing the choose-and-cut Christmas tree farms … don’t tell.

On the farm

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My grandparents’ farm is a little slice of heaven. Complete with astonishing views of rolling hills, a menagerie of animals, a red barn and a living room so cozy I almost always fall asleep on the couch.

Not to mention my Nana, who names the animals after the kids and sings The Twelve Days of Christmas with her own special flair.

For our family, the farm is …

being so happy you just can’t help running with your arms up in the air
catching up with family over a glass of sweet tea or a plate of barbecue
riding a big green tractor

rolling in the grass
talking to the burros
gathering on the porch

feeding the goats
hanging out with cousins
eating until your pants pop
playing bocci on the lawn
breathing fresh, crisp air

picking grapes, raspberries, blackberries
rocking back and forth and back and forth
listening to the animals talk to each other


For us, the farm is love.

(Hurricane Irene kept Marc at work during our most recent visit to the farm. How we missed him!)


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I took more than 500 photos last week at the beach. I have a problem. Clearly.

But I just can’t help it. With subjects like Lily and Sophie and my handsome fisher-husband, how can I resist?

Here’s the highlight reel from our wonderful, relaxing, heavenly, gluttonous vacation.

A little break

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Sophie really needs a vacation. It’s a tough life, eating and sleeping and pooping and cooing. And she’s been working hard at all of the above.

So we took our girls to the beach. And the blog didn’t come with us.

We’ll be back next week with vacation photos, reflections on Sophie hitting the magical three-month-mark and likely, an anxiety-ridden post about my return to work.

Have a lovely week!


Babymoon plus one

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I took 294 pictures of our beach getaway last weekend. It was that awesome.

Just the three of us.

And a gnarly shark who made a beeline for Small Fry from his side of the glass. Also spotted: the belly as a flotation device.

Here are my favorite shots. All 288 of them.

HA. I kid!

No, really.

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