Toddlerista: cuckoo for mah tutu!

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Welcome to the land of the blue tutu.

Small Fry ADORES it. Here’s our new morning ritual: wake, dress, scuttle downstairs in search of the tutu. Put it on BY HERSELF thank you very much. I’m not allowed to help unless absolutely necessary. Like today, when she couldn’t quite get it over her butt.

Today, we met up with pals at mommy’s favorite mall, which also happens to be the land of fountains. Small Fry loves fountains more than it seems is humanly possible.

Oh my gosh, I am NEVER cutting that hair. Really. But that’s for another post.

A kind soul came over and offered to take our picture, which I couldn’t resist because I hardly have any of the two of us together. Small Fry’s no-smiling phase continues.

Besides being just plain cute, the tutu is quite versatile. It never seems to get in Small Fry’s way, even when she hit up my wallet for coins to toss into the fountain.

Small Fry turned lots of heads (you know you’ve scored a good outfit when other chicks check you out, right?) and was oblivious to the attention until one woman said, “I love your princess dress!”

My child replied, “Not princess. Tutu!”

YES! I let out a silent squee, but I know it’s only a matter of time before everything she owns is tricked out with Disney princesses.

I love this next shot, because this is EXACTLY what I want to do every time I see the Anthropologie window. Also, I think it’s kinda neat how I’m in the photo too:

Small Fry put together a killer outfit today. Nothing matched (sans tutu). And, you know, I’m beginning to see just how awesome that is.

The deets:
Old Navy, birthday gift from the Deputy
Pedal-pushers: Gymboree, hand-me-down
TUTU!: Carter outlet
Kicks: Stride Rite outlet
Butterfly hair clip: Gymboree

Toddlerista: polka dots!

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When Small Fry was born, her closet exploded with cuter than cute dresses, sleepers and onesies. Eighty percent of which she NEVER WORE. I had to hold back the tears packing that stuff up … much of it with the tags still on.

It’s crazy how fast this baby-child is growing. I can barely keep up.

Even at age 2, she has clothes that don’t get worn. Of course we’ve pared down her closet, and the avalanche of newborn gifts has long been depleted. But there are always a few lingering items that I sadly pack (or give) away before they’re worn.

When I found this adorable coat at Old Navy at the end of what’s been nothing short of an abysmal winter, I vowed that Small Fry would wear the heck out of it. Then, true to form in North Carolina, winter morphed almost directly into summer. Without the blanket of electric yellow pollen, you’d hardly know it’s spring around here. It can be 50 degrees one day and 90 the next. For real.

Got my keys and my teddy bear. Let's roll, yo.

So when it got hot and she hadn’t yet worn that coat, I started to panic. Over my dead body, weather!

The wardrobe gods must have been listening, because for the past couple of weeks we’ve been blessed with decidedly spring-like weather. Highs in the 60s and 70s, even the occasional rainfall.

I busted out that coat, held my breath, and showed it to Small Fry. Y’all know how VERY picky she is about what she wears. Once again the universe intervened, and she LOVES the coat.

The hot pink lining may have helped the cause. And maybe also the string cheese bribe.

Happy toddler brought to you by five pounds of string cheese and some animal crackers.

Back away slowly or I hide the keys.

Deets on Small Fry’s latest creation:

– Coat (mommy’s only contribution to the outfit): Old Navy
– Pink stripey pants: Gap outlet
– Yellow guitar tee (hidden): Nice Shirt Kid
– Kicks: Stride Rite
– Froggy hair clip: Gymboree outlet

Toddlerista: day at the museum

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This is one of my favorite outfits yet. Small Fry and I did some pretty heavy negotiating that morning, getting dressed for our adventure at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham. Which ROCKS big time. You’ll see.

Since temperatures were supposed to soar into the 90s, I jumped on the chance to dress her in one of the cute tanks that has been sitting in her drawer for weeks, waiting for spring to finally feel like spring.

So, since mommy chose the shirt, Small Fry got to pick the rest of the ensemble. Deal.

What goes best with a pink, orange and brown tank?  Kelly green pants, of course. And a stripy sweater, to ward off the morning chill (which lasted all of ten minutes).

Goodbye, sweater. Hello, adorable tank.

This is Small Fry’s favorite hair tie. She calls it “chickie-chickie-peep-peep.” It’s handmade, and I found it in New York. Can’t remember the shop name. Bummer.

She LOVED the butterfly house. Obviously.

No, really. She was fascinated. So was I.

By lunchtime, the green pants gave way to pink shorts. It was HOT. I wished I had had pink shorts to change into instead of the jeans that seemed to shrink with each step and stick ever so elegantly to my sweaty legs.

She loved digging for treasure. The museum imported truckloads of earth from a quarry down east, and kids that day found everything from shark’s teeth to shells. So cool.

“Smile for a picture with mommy” wasn’t happening.

She much preferred to make this face instead. Right on.

Too cute, even from behind.

The day ended with her first popsicle. I think she liked it.

Outfit deets:

Tank top: Target
Sweater: Gymboree outlet
Pants: Gap outlet
Kicks: Stride Rite outlet
(Also: about 1,600 layers of sunscreen. And a hat.)


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Small Fry is 2 going on 16. She is becoming SO independent (stubborn), and I love it! Totally taking after her mommy (on the stubborn part, that is). She’s amazing.

Yesterday, she wanted to dress herself. This hasn’t happened yet, because you know, I still think she’s a baby and try to cram her into onesies.

Clothes in hand, she pranced around her room in her diaper chanting “nudie, cootie, tootie,” which I’m so proud to have taught her. Then, she sat on the floor, put one leg into her pants (that she’d chosen to wear), then the other, and pulled them up. They got hung up on her diaper, but I helped her clear that obstacle. Same goes for the t-shirt (also of her choosing). I got it over her head, and she stuck her arms through the holes. I decided to push the game even further, asking her to pick out some socks.

Y’all, she walked over to her dresser, pulled open the TOP drawer (that, I swear, she couldn’t reach yesterday), and grabbed a pair of hot pink polka-dot socks. Then, she put them on her feet. Correctly. All by herself.


So, in celebration of my budding fashionista and her terribly clever wardrobe choices, I thought it’d be fun to share Small Fry’s outfits with you guys on a regular basis. She is helping me break my “matchy-matchy” tendencies, and I’m trying my best to let her wear whatever she wants.

So fun.

I mean, who knew how cute a red t-shirt could look with blue and green butterfly pants AND hot pink socks?

I love these spazzy hair clips from Gymboree and recently snarfed a bunch at the outlet. They are the only clips I can find that really hold her hair back. Girlfriend has a lot of hair.

These were a splurge. But, oh, I couldn’t resist the polka dots. And mary jane style. Wish I’d bought them earlier in the season because it’s just about sandal weather now. Small Fry requests these pretty much every day. You might just see them again in a swimsuit post. She seriously hearts these shoes.

Shirt: hand-me-down via Los Angeles, when Laura used to work for the Game Show Network
Pants: Gap outlet
Socks: Gap outlet
Shoes: Pediped
Hair clip: Gymboree outlet

*Special thanks to Melyssa, who is one of the most stylish people I know, for inspiring this new series. And for teaching me that clothes do not have to match ALL THE TIME.

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