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You know how much I love the North Carolina State Fair.

Now you can see (and hear) it for yourself.

I love this video for two reasons:

1. I talk mostly about food.

2. I talk so much that I got edited. On a live video. Because I’m so freaking talky. Ask me a question and wheee there she goes …

If you’re local to the Triangle and haven’t yet discovered Go Ask Mom, you must check it out! This site is one of my go-to sources for kids’ events and activities, consignment sales, craft projects … and soon enough, summer camps. Sarah Hall, who runs the site, is just lovely. And she has two young children, so she knows her stuff (and thank goodness for us, she shares it all on Go Ask Mom).

So. My 15 minutes of fame. Deep-fried, of course.

Making you proud!

Happiness is: Sophie's new trick

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Sophie pulled up to standing for the very first time today! She’s also just started crawling on her hands and knees. Mommy got greedy and tried to get two tricks in one take, but Sophie wasn’t having it.

(See also: a needy dog with no concept of personal space. That Bella.)

Yay baby! You are growing entirely too fast.

Happiness is: Beyonce

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This made me smile today.

Hope it does the same for you.

(p.s. Lily asks for Beyonce every single time we get in the car.)

Cannot wait. Cannot wait. Cannot wait.

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How about you?
Do you share my obsession with penchant for young adult lit?
Does your husband make fun of you too?

Screech owl

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She’s been doing this ALL DAY LONG.

Maybe we should make a last-minute Halloween costume change?

Have a good day, everybody!

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I shot this phone video sideways by accident. And when I tried to correct it, I made it worse. But still. It’s worth watching, just for Sophie’s big smile at the very end.

Happy Friday. And happy weekend!

Those of you in Irene’s path, stay safe. And don’t forget to put together your hurricane kits.

We’ll be back here Monday, barring any power outages, with a super-huge, super-exciting something special. Stay tuned!

Her nemesis

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Oh Wills, you'll always be mine

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Happy royal wedding day!

Laura and I and our girls are watching together this morning, eating sweet treats and pretending to be princesses. Some of us fit into the tutus better than others.

Are you celebrating? How?

Small Fry tells all

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Here it is! Finally. The Small Fry video interview.

Thanks to all of you who sent us questions. She certainly was intrigued by all of our “friends in the computer” who wanted to get to know her.

We had such fun making this little video. It’s inspired me to make a new one every year, to mark each age. What a fun way to document her interests … as well as her sweet voice, mannerisms and all of the other good stuff that doesn’t come through in still photos.

A bit of a warning: the video is about 13 minutes long. We just had to squeeze in a Beyonce dance party and play room tour. And also, I don’t know how to edit these videos. Yet.

So grab a snack and enjoy!

PS 22 rocks my face off

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I’m working on my most creative belly shot post yet (warning: flesh may make an appearance), but I just stumbled across this AMAZING group of kids and I simply can’t resist sharing it with you right this minute.

Check out Staten Island’s PS 22 chorus singing Viva La Vida:

And here they are getting the surprise of a lifetime from Anne Hathaway:

Just incredible! Maybe its the hormones, but I’m sitting here at my computer crying. Which means much of the same when I tune in to the Oscars this weekend.

Who wants to watch with me?

Bring the kleenex.

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