17 months

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a little bossy

a lot squeezable





belly-button finding



sissy adoring

oh so funny






bathtub splashing

hider of things




huggy and open-mouth-kissy

straight up awesome



16 months

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Look at this face. Sophie’s special scrunch. I’ve been trying to capture it on camera all summer, and finally, here it is in all its glory.

Behold the milk dribble:

This baby makes us laugh every day.

She pushes the kitchen chairs across the room, cackling with every step.

She picks up a book, waddles over to me, turns around and backs into my lap with a plop. As in, read Mommy. Now.

When I blow my nose, she pretends to do the same. And whenever she nabs a tissue (or a five-foot-long stretch of toilet paper) she pretends to blow her nose.

She loves to show people her belly button. And she gives open-mouth kisses if you ask for one.

Her “run” is a quicker waddle with one arm flapping, like she’s pushing the air out of the way.

When Lily builds a block tower, Sophie knocks it over like it’s her job.

Wherever Lily is, Sophie wants to be. Which has become a little problematic for big sister, who likes her stuff JUST SO and has taken to shutting her bedroom door in Sophie’s face. But she doesn’t last long without little sis nearby. Two peas in a pod.

In the bath, Sophie likes to pour water on herself. And tip her head way down to try to drink from the tub. When I say “no,” she shakes her head with me.

When she hears the dishwasher or fridge door open, she comes running.

She just discovered stickers and loves to press them onto her legs. And onto mommy’s boobies.

If you chase her, she laughs maniacally, then stops running and braces herself to be tickled.

Sometimes she stands with both arms crossed at the wrist behind her back, lost in thought. Like a little old soul.

Armpit rolls, thigh rolls, neck rolls. I want to eat them all.

Pure sunshine, this baby.

We¬†can’t get enough.

14 months (and five days)

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Look at this face! Quintessential Sophie.

Food smeared everywhere, hair clippie long since yanked out, hand on the back of the chair. Ready for what’s next.

You are pure light, little baby. Happiness, silliness, adventure.

You’re fearless. A climber. And so curious about every little thing.

Walking up a storm, you’re getting used to this new ability, sometimes even getting caught up in a sort of trot that inevitably lands you flat on the floor. But you get right up and keep going.

I love making you laugh. Peek-a-boo usually does the trick. Or squeezing your thighs in just the right way. You’re also mimicking everything. When I shush you to sleep at night, I hear a little “sssss-sssss” coming from your lips. I clap, you clap. I blow raspberries, you blow raspberries. And whatever Lily does, you try to do.

Daddy has taught you how to greet the dog every morning when he carries you downstairs. And now it’s official: “Bella” is your very first word. Just like big sister.

You amaze us, delight us, make us laugh every day.

We love you, sweet girl.

Here comes trouble

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Well, here they are.

The best videos I could get of Sophie walking. I’ve been trying for weeks, y’all. But every time I bust out my phone, she makes a beeline for it and we end up with six seconds of wobbly footage and a crying baby.

So finally I had my “duh” moment (this happens more than I’d like to admit) and planted myself on the opposite side of the room. That way, I figured I could capture at least a few seconds of walking baby before she lunges for my phone.

Here comes trouble. With jazz hands:

See also her sweet sumo wrestler pivot (at 0:20):

Go, Sophie, go!

13 months

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Oh Sophie! I wish I could say to stop growing so fast, but each new day brings another trick, the beginning of a new tooth, a new sound from your mouth.

But please, stop growing so fast.

No, don’t.

Mommy is conflicted. Don’t mind me. Just keep doing what you’re doing — bringing the awesome.

You are so determined to walk, but still wobbly on your feet. Amazingly, you always fall backwards onto your tush. Smart little girl. And, hoo-boy, do you LOVE to climb. The other day, I left you alone for three seconds in the playroom, and you managed to scramble on top of sissy’s art table. Crouched there on all fours, grinning madly. You were quite proud of yourself.

You are a monkey at the park, climbing all over stuff that most two-year-olds are afraid to attempt. Fearless. Which scares and delights me equally.

You’re saying “Dada” and words that sound very much like “Lily” and “Bella.” In fact, when you see your sister from a distance, or just want to know where she’s gone off to, you holler her name. It’s so cool.

No “Mama” yet, but I can be patient.

You love pancakes, yogurt puffs and being tickled under your chin.

You hate having your diaper changed, getting dressed or any other activity in which you must keep still.

You and your sister have started holding hands in the back seat of the car. She is the center of your universe, and she loves you to no end. Her favorite thing to do is kiss your little toes. And you’re ecstatic to see her face peeking down at you in the crib after you wake.

One year and one month old today.

Ever more amazing.


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I’ve been so nostalgic today. The tears come spontaneously. And I keep watching the clock, remembering.

After all, it feels like this was just yesterday:

But it was a year ago (at 12:06 p.m. for the record). A whole year! And when the “happy birthday to your toddler” email arrived today from BabyCenter, I deleted it immediately. Toddler? Not yet, BabyCenter. Not yet.

Sophie is and always will be my baby.

Her presence in our lives is nearly impossible to describe. I feel blessed a million times over. I was so afraid to have another baby, so unsure I could do it. But this little girl shows me every day how awesome life can be.

She is pure joy. Silliness. Leg rolls. And blue-green-gray-brown eyes.

When she’s naked, she smacks on her belly with both hands. And when she’s done eating, she blows raspberries, usually spraying food everywhere. She ADORES her big sister and works hard to be wherever Lily is and do whatever Lily is doing.

She is a snuggle bunny, a snorer, a belly-laugher.

When she wakes, she coos and talks to herself in the crib. And when I go in to get her, she scrambles up onto her haunches and bounces up and down with her hands in the air.

And, oh, that hair. Part Bruno Mars, part Donald Trump. It’s starting to curl up in the back. I can’t wait to see what it does next.

Determined, happy, adventurous, she stands up all the time and has taken a step here and there. But she prefers to crawl because it gets her where she wants to go very very quickly.

She smacks her lips when she sees food coming. And she can’t get enough of the bathtub. Especially when her sissy is in there with her.

She is positively giddy when Daddy wears her in the Beco carrier. Their walks have become a special little ritual.

Sophie, we love you to the moon and back. You make life more awesome than we could ever have imagined.

Happy first birthday, sweet baby.

11 months old

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Sophie is one busy little lady.

What with all these new tricks, a girl’s gotta keep practicing, right?

My new favorite Sophie thing is the standing. She’ll get herself all the way up onto her feet without holding onto anything, smack in the middle of the room, and then look around like “how did I get here?” And if she starts to wobble, she actually uses her arms and bends her knees to balance. And stays upright! It’s pretty awesome.

She crawls faster than I can blink. And she loooooves the toilet paper roll.

Her second tooth has almost caught up to the first one, and she’s easily cleared 20 pounds. When we read books, she touches the pages and lifts the flaps. And she gets the biggest kick out of leaning way back and looking at the world upside down.

Eleven whole months.

Busy, busy, busy.

And nothing but love.

This face

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Look at this baby!

I can’t even begin to say how much I love these photos. My mom captured Sophie laughing during a family gathering on Sunday. We were sitting outside watching the big kids play and something (someone? I can’t remember) really tickled Sophie’s funny bone. And you can see her little tooth!

I haven’t yet been able to see much of myself in Sophie. But when she laughs big and her eyes crinkle up like that? It’s me.

Case in point: little Suzanne, circa 1976.

Happiness is: Sophie's first ride in a swing

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We had a little picnic with friends at the park on Monday, and the girls went nuts.

Apparently being outside in this deliriously beautiful weather makes them just as happy as it makes mommy. On a break from digging a giant pit in the sand, Lily thought it would be a grand idea to put Sophie in a swing. It was.

This baby cackled as soon as she caught wind. Big sister pushed her surprisingly gently, and Sophie just laughed and laughed. I snapped these shots with my pal’s phone after Sophie’s ride ended.

Happy baby. Happy everyone.

Happiness is: messing with the baby

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