He’s back!

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Talk about local art. Barrel Monster creator Joe Carnevale is working on a new beast of sorts, to benefit charity and put a dent in his community service hours. Read more here.

Image via News & Observer


Spider Girl + Barrel Monster = State Fair Love

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(This is part 2 of the “Whole Lotta Loony” series chronicling the adventures of your Deep-Fried Ambassador and Deputy Deep-Fried at the North Carolina State Fair.)

How many times have you walked past one of the houses of oddities at the State Fair and been so curious to go inside?  But, for whatever reason, you avert your eyes and keep walking?

Yeah, me too. Mostly because I’m so ridiculously sensitive that I think seeing oddly formed animals or humans would make me feel sad. Even if it is fake.

But, emboldened by my deep-friedness this year, I walked right up to the “Alive Spider Girl” marquee, handed the guy a dollar and stepped inside.

The Deputy and I giggled nervously at first, both I think a little anxious about what we’d see. I remember muttering something like “this poor woman” as we turned the corner, but then, my cautiousness dissolved into laughter.

The Spider Girl is hilarious. She was cheerful and really seemed to enjoy having fun with all of the spectators. We had a little chat about what it’s like to be the Spider Girl. She told the Deputy about what a drag it is to be caught up in her web all day, unable to move her eight legs. Too funny.

I’m not going to tell you what she looked like because you MUST go pay her a visit yourself.

Next on the deep-fried list? Get a photo made with the Barrel Monster.

He, the traffic-cone creature of Hillsborough Street fame, is tough to track down at the fair. After some investigative reporting (i.e. asking strangers, each who looked more baffled than the next), we found him in the Flower and Garden Show.

He’s hanging out on the hill, overlooking the pond, right next to the gimongous Adirondack chair. He seems happy there, as evidenced by his big toothy smile.

What’s next for Deputy Deep-Fried and me?

A hint: age, weight, birth month.

Stay tuned!

Barrel Monster takes the fair

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Here’s a clip of Joe Carnevale, Barrel Monster genius, assembling his latest creation for the State Fair (via Deep Fried):

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