Artist at work

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Pig Lickers

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This guy will be at the fair today. Will you?

Three days and counting

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First, an important order of business (how could I have forgotten this in my previous post?): where to find the new delicacies at this year’s State Fair.

Murphy House near the Grandstand Building is your destination for deep-fried Ho-Hos. If you want some chocolate-covered bacon, you can get in line behind me at the concession stand inside the Kerr Scott building or in the Commercial and Education building. I’ll be in both lines. At the same time.

You’re probably thinking, enough with the chocolate-covered bacon already. But I’m in love. And you can’t stop love.

The State Fair cranks up in just a few days, and I’ll be blogging all things fair during its 11-day run. I’m planning to make visits with Small Fry and M, as well as with my folks and friends.

I also have a special treat in store for you next week. A new segment that makes me laugh every time I think about it. Can’t wait.

From the media lunch today:

Deep fryin’ the Ho-Hos

My partner in crime. He hated his Ho-Ho. Obviously.

With Lynda Loveland. My new BFF.

Commissioner Troxler

Setting up

Where deep-fried magic happens

Looks like Kanye glasses might be a hot prize this year

A whole lotta happy. And bacon.

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(Edited to change 4,000 to 5,000 Facebook friends. Also, it’s Ho-Hos NOT yo-yos. Call me ding-dong.)

The theme for this year’s North Carolina State Fair is “A Whole Lotta Happy,” and nothing describes better how I feel right this instant, fresh from the fair’s media lunch.

M and I were treated like deep-fried royalty. We had such a good time.

And I only embarrassed myself once.

Got a little too gushy with Lynda Loveland. I admire her as a working mom, and I think she’s doing a great job at her new gig as morning-radio host on WRAL-FM. So when I had the opportunity to talk to her, I blabbered. Did you know she’s like seven feet tall?  At 5’ 10” I never feel short. But standing next to her, I sure did.

The state fair staffers are as friendly in person as they are online, and I’m so glad to finally have met them. They’re using social media to promote the fair, and they’re killing it. They have 5,000 Facebook friends and 2,000 Twitter followers. Including moi.

This year’s state fair is going to rock. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Chocolate covered bacon and deep-fried ho-hos (also known as heaven-on-a-stick).
  • Seven new rides, including a gigantic slide and 100-foot-tall swing ride. Yikes.
  • Get your picture made with the Barrel Monster! I heart the Barrel Monster.
  • More entries than ever in the competitions. Commissioner Troxler said they’ve received something like 1,000 more entries in the agricultural competitions than they did last year. Going to be some neat stuff to see.

My head is still spinning from today’s event. Or maybe it’s all the bacon I ate.

More later, including photos of the lunch and the fairgrounds coming to life.

Until then …

Breaking (bacon) news!

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It’s too good to be true. Like destiny telling me, yes, Suzanne, you WERE meant to be the Deep-Fried State Fair Ambassador.

Guess what I just discovered in my mad dash to catch up on today’s Twitter action? 

One of the new foods at this year’s NC State Fair is … are you ready … CHOCOLATE-COVERED BACON.

For real.

Chocolate AND bacon in one dish. I’ll be sure to report back after I taste this incredible confection. Although you’re going to have to hurry and get to the fair because I might just eat it all.

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