Reptile on a stick

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(This is part 4 of the “Whole Lotta Loony” series chronicling the adventures of your Deep-Fried Ambassador and Deputy Deep-Fried at the North Carolina State Fair.)

Is it possible that all state fair food could be described as weird?  I mean, most of it is stuff we don’t normally eat in our daily lives, except for that one magical week of the year when diets and scales go out the window.

But I think some fair food is stranger than others. Like side meat. What exactly is that? Guess I’m not southern enough. Also ostrich. I hope I don’t offend anyone, especially not a farmer, but I don’t think I’ll ever taste ostrich.

For my deep-fried challenge with the Deputy, though, I had to bite the bullet (or the strange meat on a stick, as it turns out) and try a new, weird food at this year’s fair.

Our dish of choice? Alligator tail.

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but it was delicious with a capital D. For real.

It tasted like a cross between chicken and pork chop. A little tough. Good thing it came on a stick. Easier to eat that way. And it was coated in a spicy batter and fried to perfection. The dipping sauce had a kick, too. Yum.


We also sampled Woody’s deep-fried buffalo chicken rangoons. Double-yum. And ended the night with a deep-fried Reese’s cup. And maybe some mini-donuts. But, who’s counting?

Up next: Rock and the not-so-haunted house.


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