Capture the Everyday: Small Fry's favorite toy

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Dora the Explorer doll

This is Dora in her natural habitat: smooshed against the wall on Small Fry’s bed. The other place she resides most of the time? In the crook of Small Fry’s arm.

Dora is part of a two-toy team that hardly ever leaves Small Fry’s side. The other half, Teddy, was unavailable for photo (i.e. mommy couldn’t find him). She seriously can’t live without these two. “TeddyandDora” is one word. And bedtime just can’t happen until we locate each of them, along with their assigned blankets.

The best thing about Dora? Besides the fact that she doesn’t talk?

The hair.

It stood on edge when Small Fry plucked her out of the drug store bin after a particularly grueling doctor’s appointment that involved shots. And the hair has only gotten crazier. Especially after a night of toddler snuggles.

Dora the Explorer doll

Dora the Explorer doll

What was your favorite toy growing up? For me, it had to be the Cabbage Patch Kid my parents gave me for Valentine’s Day when I was in the 5th grade. Her name was Amanda. And I loved how she smelled.

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Happiness is: two bags

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vintage beaded purse

I inherited this beautiful little beaded bag from my grandmother Lillian, and I love it. It’s so unique and delicate. I can’t wait to have an occasion to carry it. Which, with the excitement in my life, might be to Target. But still.

The best part about this treasure was discovering a little hand-written note tucked into the interior pocket that told when grandma had received the bag and from whom. Then, when I showed the bag to Small Fry, she of course grabbed the tissue paper and yanked everything out of the box. Thank goodness she did, because we might not have otherwise discovered the little Christmas tag from my grandmother’s uncle to her, when the gift was given. In 1939.

Here’s the box it came in:

box from The May Co. in Baltimore

Another new treasure is this awesome tote that Laura made for Small Fry. Back in August at the BlogHer conference, the Nickelodeon booth was screen-printing free Dora and Diego t-shirts for kids. By the time I got there, they’d given out everything except kids’ large sizes. And I figured that when Small Fry is big enough to fit in it, she might not be so interested in Dora anymore. Wishful thinking? (Shame on mommy).

So I gave the shirt to my brilliant sis and asked her to make something with it. Look what she did!

Dora the Explorer tote bag

I love everything about it — the funky fabric, the ric-rac around the Dora design, the size (perfect for road trips). Small Fry declared upon receiving it that it would be “good for the grocery store.” (I photoshopped out her real name, which runs just above Dora’s head). She loves this bag. Right now it’s stuffed with farm animals. For the grocery, you know.

We're not torturing Dora. Really.

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Poor Dora. This is what happens when a poop explosion of mighty proportion coats everything but the cars sitting outside in the driveway. After scrubbing Small Fry I came downstairs to this sight, and it made me laugh out loud. Marc is so clever.

Our tag-team effort on Saturday was worthy of live television coverage.

After I entered Small Fry’s dark and very pungent room to discover that our little lovely had slept in a giant smear of poo, I hollered for Marc and we sprung into action. Usually this big a mess will startle Small Fry awake. Not this time.

The poo was everywhere. Hair, fingers, eyebrows, crusted to the soft skin on her back.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

But whatever logic my brain could summon kicked into gear, and I picked her up as gingerly as possible and hauled her off to the tub. Marc tackled sheets, bedding, pillows and lovies. Including Dora.

Confession: the accident was (mostly) my fault. I forgot to change Small Fry out of her big-girl panties and into a pull-up for naptime. Since she’s been potty training, she saves up all of the good stuff for sleepy time and usually wakes up with a load in her pants.

It’s gotten so bad that she’s constipated herself by withholding (which the doctor assures us is normal), and we’re graced with a poo-storm every three days or so.

She pees in the potty like a champ. But there’s something about dropping a deuce that scares her. Or embarrasses her. We’re not sure. Again, the doctor says it’s normal.

He also said to back off on the poo-in-the-potty talk and give her some time.

AND. Don’t forget to wrap her little butt in a pull-up while she sleeps.

Lesson learned.

Sorry, Dora.

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